Workshop Schedule

The Leather Realm offers BDSM and Kink education through interactive demos and workshops. Below you will find the workshop schedule. All workshops are 45 minutes long and are completely FREE. We hope you enjoy them!


1:00 pm | Sensual Spanking

Presenter: Madison
So Much More Than a Smack on the Behind
The often overlooked art of spanking tends to be seen as a quick act of foreplay, or a ‘handy’ means of punishment. Rarely do we see spanking as a complete scene in itself. I am happy to challenge that perspective, and show you how spanking can be sexy, powerful, erotic and above all FUN. This workshop will be suitable for players of all experience levels and all Leather orientations. During this workshop we will discuss various spanking styles and purposes, as well as how to negotiate a spanking scene. You will then get to enjoy some delicious demonstrations, and if you bring along a top or a bottom, perhaps even try your hand at spanking, or receiving a spanking, yourself! My goal is to have every participant leave with a love of sensual spanking as strong as mine. Bottoms up!

2:00 pm | Electricity Play – Let’s Get Shocked!

Presenter: Amy

Have you heard of or wanted to try Electricity Play? Have you always wanted to know more, but were not sure where to go or whom to ask?  Here’s your opportunity to learn!   In this workshop, we will cover: Health and safety, basic play scenarios, direct and secondary contact applications, and aftercare.  YOU will have the opportunity to try it on yourself or others!  LET’S GET SHOCKED!!!

3:00 pm | Kinky Bedroom Games

Presenter: Carnal Knowledge
Think BDSM is super-serious? Think again! Join us for some fun and games… We’re going to bring back some of your favorites—like Operation, Red Rover, Hot Rods, Simon Says—and add a twist. Come out and play with us!

4:00 pm | Flogging 101

Presenter: Travis

This will be an entry level class aimed at those who are new to the magic of the flogger. We will cover safety during play, the anatomy of floggers, types of floggers, and different throwing techniques. The goal is for everyone to learn basic practical techniques to begin practicing during the workshop and to take home to practice and play confidently and safely.

5:00 pm | Mummification

Presenter: Goddess Fae
Learn about mummification bondage and how to safely use it for BDSM and kinky sex. Goddess Fae discuss a variety of mummification techniques, positions, including partial and complete body wrapping using vet wrap, stretch wrap, pantyhose, and duct tape. You’ll also learn a variety of sensation play techniques to try on your mummified partner through openings in the wrappings, such as fingernails, external vibrators, sharp pointy things, and violet wand electro play. She and her demo bottom will do a demonstration of a few of these things.

6:00 pm | Clips, Clamps, and Other Pinchers

Presenter: Officer Wes
Clips, Clamps, and Other Pinchers with Officer Wes is a welcoming workshop for all to discuss ways to play with some common household items for a great time of sensual torment with your loved ones. We’ll touch on the how’s, where’s, and with-what’s you need to know to enjoy a good pinchy time by yourself or with a friend.


12:00 pm | Rhythmic Canes

Presenter: Jake
Caning can be a power act of passion and play during any S&M activity. The sensations can range from very mild impact and be very sensual, to vary heavy and intense play. Join Jake as he shares his knowledge and experience in the art of caning for sensual and meaningful impact play. He will go over items such as materials, safety, techniques, and much more, with live demonstrations on do’s and don’t’s.

1:00 pm | Spanking 101

Presenter: Mark
This workshop will be an entry level introduction to the wonderful experience that is spanking. During the workshop we will be going over the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of spanking as well as what safety considerations exist for an enjoyable session, many of which apply to other forms of play as well. We will also be explaining and demonstrating a variety of different spanking techniques which can be used to elicit many different sensational reactions, and we will also be exploring ways a scene can progressively flow from beginning through to the end. This will include additional emphasis for bottoms on how to communicate both verbally and non verbally during play.

2:00 pm | Sleep Sack Bondage

Presenter: Peter Heid
Confinement, Safety, and Comfort for an Extended Time
The sensation of a sleep sack is truly unique. Imagine being tightly confined with no options for movement. Sleep-sacks allow a person to be comfortably in bondage for an extended period. Like a conventional sleeping bag, a person climbs into a sleep-sack and is usually zipped into it up to their neck. Generally, sleep-sacks are very tight on the body, adding to the bondage aspect of the experience and leaving them totally helpless.

3:00 pm | Leather Care 101

Presenter: San Diego Bootblack 2017, Red
Leather Care: An introductory course in learning to clean, condition, and polish leather to prolong the life of your favorite leather items, whether it’s a jacket, vest, shoes, boots or toys. An introduction to bootblacking as an art and its significance in the Leather community will be included.

4:00 pm | Single-Tail Whips

Presenter: Travis
Whips, Pleasure and Pain
Everyone knows a whip when they hear one. Some people are terrified by them. Others get a little excited. This class is designed for both extremes and all in between. We will discuss and demonstrate technique, style, safety and above all connecting with your partner. It is intended to be more of a guided exchange of energy. A journey through the pleasure and pain that is so unique to the whip.

5:00 pm | Erotic Shaving

Presenter: Naria
The Sharp and Sexy Edge of Straight Razors
Soap, brushes, hot towels, strops, and hot oil. Add an intimidating, sharp and shiny straight edge razor and you have all the makings for a wicked, sensual, and sexy-as-f%$k evening of literal edge play! This class will cover all the basics of using a straight edge razor properly, and then incorporating it into a scene that will be a hot and memorable experience.