It’s that time again! Summer, FUN, Pride weekend and of course, the Leather Realm. We’d like to thank everyone for their time and talents last year and look forward to seeing everyone again this year.


No more having to request people to put away cell phones!!!!!!!!!!

Smoking and nudity are not allowed

Training is Mandatory


Note: Training sessions are 60 minutes for all positions, then another 60 minutes for Ambassador positions.

  • Training #3: Thursday, June 29 7:00-9:00pm @ The Compound
  • Training #4 Sunday July 9th 4pm-6pm at Pleasures and Treasures: 2525 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104
  • Phone training please. Fri June 30th 6PM as I live in a county other than San Diego.

Please contact Bikkja Amy at bikkjaamy@gmail.com if you have any questions.

General Volunteer Positions Descriptions


  • Installing black plastic along fencing
  • Setting up tables and chairs
  • Hanging light fixtures, fire extinguishers, signage
  • Moving/Building dungeon furniture


  • Checking ID 18+
  • Making sure no one is smoking or bringing in alcohol
  • Counting people coming in & going out (using clicker)


  • Checking in volunteers against master schedule
  • Providing water and sunscreen to volunteers on shift
  • Refilling snack area / ice / beverages
  • Maintaining cleanliness of hospitality area


  • Sitting guard at emergency exits
  • Visually maintain security; notify staff of any issues
  • Making sure no one is smoking, consuming alcohol or drugs
  • Making sure all Leather Realm rules are followed
  • Making sure all visitors are appropriately dressed



  • Providing 45-minute instruction on a 101-level BDSM topic
  • Providing workshop handouts (as applicable) for approximately 50 people
  • Workshop presenter comp tickets include one (1) ticket for demo bottom
  • Presenter and Demo Bottom are expected to work one (1) 3-hour volunteer shift
  • Workshop presenters and topics will be vetted and approved by the Workshop Coordinator


  • Taking down black plastic from fencing
  • Folding/rolling signs, banners, and plastic sheeting
  • Folding and stacking chairs and tables
  • Breaking down, loading & unloading dungeon furniture at storage sites
  • NOTE: Sunday Admittance ONLY for this volunteer position

Ambassador Positions Descriptions


  • You will be at the table for most of your shift but you may be asked to walk the grounds if needed for a bit. This is perfect for people who are unable to be mobile for a 5-hour shift.
  • Answer questions about equipment, toys, clubs, groups etc. Do a VERY MINI demo of toys. -Do not allow people to take toys.
  • Check out Toys to Orange Vested people.
  • Selling pre-made household pervertable bag.
  • Remind guests no smoking and no nudity


  • Answer questions about equipment, toys, clubs, groups etc.
  • Remind guests no smoking and no nudity
  • Refer people to stations in the tent to try a particular toy if they want to experience something.
  • You will not be playing while in a yellow vest.
  • Lots of Walking

Special Note: There is a new option this year to volunteer to have a split position, consisting of  door and greeter.


  • Toy Demonstration
  • All play will be 101 level.
  • Please be experienced with your toys
  • Answer questions about equipment, toys, clubs, groups etc.
  • You will be at a station in the tent playing and using toys. Please bring your own. (Rope, flogging, paddles, electricity etc)
  • People will line up to experience the toys.
  • This is like the Club X Exploratorium and SD Beat & Greet.
  • Remind guests no smoking and no nudity
  • All play will be 101 level.
  • One more time, All play will be 101 level.

Volunteer Form for Leather Realm @ San Diego Pride 2017

Due to policy changes with Pride, we have exactly 100 passes each day for volunteers! If your name is not on the list by July 5th, you will NOT be able to get a free pass for working 5 hours. Pride will NOT allow you in UNLESS your name is on the list (there are no write-ins or walk ups allowed). We WILL confirm with you that you are a volunteer, that you are on the list and the date and time for your training. Everyone (except Setup/Teardown) will need to go through training!!! This means YOU!!!!

We have a new simplified form for all volunteers to fill out. If you desire to volunteer in ANY area of the Leather Realm, please fill out the form using the link below.

If you have any questions, please do let us know. EVERYONE (This means YOU!!!!) must fill out this form even if you have already agreed to work in a specific area.


We would like to thank you in advance for considering volunteering for the Leather Realm as we know you have many options to choose from! Please look in the Leather Realm forum on FetLife for any changes to the area, as well as www.SanDiegoLeatherRealm.com. All volunteer information MUST be submitted prior to July 5. If your name does not make it to the Volunteer List by July 5, we will not be able to provide you with Complimentary Admission via the Volunteer Gate at Pride.

What you get for volunteering for 5 hours for the Leather Realm in any capacity in 1 day:

  • Free volunteer admission into Pride. (Entrance will be at the Pride Volunteer gate at 6th and Juniper-Your name must be on the list. Pride will not add it under any circumstances)
  • 30 minute break
  • Hospitality area to rest and eat (LIMITED snacks and drinks provided for volunteers ON SHIFT.)
  • Realm Appreciation/Thank You party
  • The love and gratitude of the Leather Realm Committee

Please note: There are a grand total of 100 “paid” (through complimentary tickets to Pride) volunteer positions available. If you choose to work a 1-4 hour volunteer shift, complimentary tickets will not be available. We would still love to have you volunteer though! Please do fill out this form so we can place in you in area you would like to volunteer.

If you are volunteering in 2 or more areas of The Leather Realm or San Diego Pride, please still fill this out, as well as letting us know in the space provided at the bottom so that we can effectively schedule your shifts.

Workshop Presenters/Demo Bottoms: The day you are presenting/bottoming your workshop, you will also need to work a 3 hour volunteer shift elsewhere in the Realm in order to receive Complimentary Admission.

  • Personal Information

    Please fill this out from a computer if possible. If you complete if from your phone, please make sure you see a "THANK YOU" after you click SUBMIT. If not you are missing a field.
  • As it appears on your government-issued ID
  • What name do you prefer to be addressed by?
  • We try and keep families volunteering and taking breaks at the same time.
  • (619) 555-1212 (Please use this format)
  • Specific address will be provided via email. If you are doing Set-up/Tear Down AND volunteering during the day Saturday or Sunday, you need to attend a training please
  • Thursday Truck Load In

  • Time Commitment: 2-3 Hours, includes snack and refreshments.
  • Friday Set Up

  • You will receive one free entry either Saturday or Sunday. Tickets are non-transferable.
  • Saturday

  • Note: "Full" Shifts are five hours, with a 30-minute break. Indicating your overall start and end availability times gives us flexibility in scheduling.
  • Note: "Full" Shifts are five hours, with a 30-minute break. Indicating your overall start and end availability times gives us flexibility in scheduling.
  • We are unable to supply you with Complimentary Admission.
  • Sunday

  • Note: "Full" Shifts are five hours, with a 30-minute break. Indicating your overall start and end availability times gives us flexibility in scheduling.
  • Note: "Full" Shifts are five hours, with a 30-minute break. Indicating your overall start and end availability times gives us flexibility in scheduling.
  • We are unable to supply you with Complimentary Admission.
  • Additional Information

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.