Officer Wes

REALM officerwesOfficer Wes has been presenting on electricity for over 20 years.  He has an open leather family built around shared values of respect, honor, trust, and love.  Officer Wes is open to having a slave in service and is himself in service to a Daddy.  He has examined and shared on issues of sexual expression and other areas of the human experience for much of his life.  His experiences and viewpoints have appeared in many publications including USA Today and The Advocate.  He judges regional and international contests and presents programs and workshops on Master/slave and Daddy/boy relationships, spirituality and leather, great sex, pain and pleasure, uniforms, fetish, electricity, and other aspects of the BDSM arts at clubs and events across the country.  He is credited as an influence in the books Protocol Handbook for the Leather Slave and Master/slave Relations.